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Banana Lunch 2016

Start off your morning early by choosing a lounge chair on the beach and begin your day by relaxing under the warm sun. Swimming in the beautiful sea will definitely build your appetite, why not choose a light snack from our beach menu. It will hold you off until sunset, when you can finally enjoy your appetizing dinner here at Banana Restaurant.

Dining at Banana Restaurant is without a doubt a gastronomical delight! Our combination of Mediterranean cuisine along with ethnic touches, will take you on a spectacular dining experience. Our menu consists of traditional Greek specialties as well as Mediterranean delicacies.

The personally crafted, exceptional dishes will certainly satisfy even the most demanding customer! Our wide variety of choices will undoubtedly please fish lovers, meat lovers, as well as vegetarians. Children are sure to devour our tasty treats, leaving them asking for seconds! At Banana Restaurant we only use the very best local products. Naxian meat and naturally fresh vegetables from our very own garden. The vast menu will live up to your expectations of fine dining as you experience a heavenly meal at Banana Restaurant.

Make sure to begin with a refreshing salad, we highly recommend our trademark Banana Salad. Caribbean Swing….our best seller for many years. Mouthwatering pineapple with coconut milk, fresh prawns and tender chicken. A wonderful combination of flavors which will leave you asking for more! For our devoted pasta lovers, we offer a variety of pasta dishes that will certainly appeal to your liking. Due to the summer season, we show a preference for light and savory sauces compared to the heavy creamier ones. We suggest you try the seafood pasta or the lobster pasta, as they are a sure hit! You won’t be disappointed!

Do not hesitate to try our fish fillet or even the fresh catch of the day which is on always on display at the restaurant. Select the fish of your choice and we will cook it to the order! For our avid meat lovers, we offer only top quality local Naxian meat. We urge you to try our marinated steak. Its distinct, special taste will definitely leave an impression on you.

Finally you can finish off your meal by indulging in one of our enticing desserts. Moist, chocolate cake with kaimaki ice cream….out of this world! If you’re having trouble in deciding what dessert to try, just ask one of our experienced waiters to suggest something that will suit your taste buds.Our wine list includes an array of options from all over Greece, which will surely complement any meal you choose perfectly!


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